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TitleGrapefruit peelings as a promising biosorbent for the removal of leather dyes and hexavalent chromium
Author(s)Rosales, E.
Meijide, J.
Tavares, T.
Pazos, M.
Sanromán, M. A.
KeywordsGrapefruit peelings
Tannery effluent
H O 2 2
Issue dateMay-2016
PublisherInstitution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE)
JournalProcess Safety and Environmental Protection
CitationVillanueva, E.; Meijide, J.; Tavares, T.; Currás, M.; Sanromán, M. A., Grapefruit peelings as a promising biosorbent for the removal of leather dyes and hexavalent chromium. Process Safety and Environmental Protection, 101, 61-71, 2016
Abstract(s)The objective of this study was to find a suitable and versatile agroforestry waste as alternative low-cost biosorbents for the removal of inorganic and organic compounds present in the wastewater of tannery industry [leather dyes and Cr(VI)]. Grapefruit peelings, fern, eucalyptus barks, oak leaves and cane pruning of grapevines were evaluated as biosorbents. Among them, grapefruit peelings showed the best results reaching 45 and 55% for the mixture of dyes and Cr(VI), respectively. A significant improvement in the performance of this biosorbent was obtained when it was pretreated with H2O2 (1M) attaining the highest removal capacity of 80% and 100%, respectively. This biosorbent was characterised showing an adsorption capacity of 1.1003meq/g and pHZPC 3.48. The adsorption working parameters, kinetics and isotherms were deeply studied in order to scale up the process to a continuous treatment system. Adsorption isotherms data fitted well to the Langmuir model with a maximum uptake of 37.427mg/g for dyes mixture and 39.0628mg/g for Cr(VI). Finally, the dynamic behaviour of the system, operating at different flow rates, was evaluated using a Homogeneous Surface Diffusion Model. Pretreated grapefruit peelings demonstrated to be a suitable low-cost biosorbent in the treatment of wastewater of tannery industry.
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