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TitleThe construction of professional identities in the contexts of work
Author(s)Silva, Ana Maria Costa e
Editor(s)Silva, Ana Maria Costa e
Aparício, Miriam T.
KeywordsProfessional identity
Construction of professional identity
Context of work
Issue date2015
PublisherScientific & Academic Publishing
Abstract(s)This chapter identifies and analyzes some characteristics of working situations that are important in the construction of professional identities. It is claimed that professional identity presumes a dynamic process and is constructed and reconstructed in social situations and interactions. Work has a central place in the life of individuals and societies. The contexts of work are places par excellence for investment, expression, negotiation and recognition of the actor themselves and of others. They are, thus, situations for the attribution offeelings about work, ofrelational transactions, oflearning and production of professional know ledge, which are fundamental elements in the (re )construction of professional identity and which are emphasized here below.
TypeBook part
Publisher version
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