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TitleA clinical recommendation system to maternity care
Author(s)Pereira, Eliana
Portela, Filipe
Abelha, António
Issue date2016
PublisherIGI Global
CitationPereira, E., Portela, F., & Abelha, A. (2016). A Clinical Recommendation System to Maternity Care. In Machado, José & Abelha, A., Applying Business Intelligence to Clinical and Healthcare Organizations (pp.64-83). Pennsylvania: IGI Global
Abstract(s)Nowadays in healthcare, the Clinical Decision Support Systems are used in order to help health professionals to take an evidence-based decision. An example is the Clinical Recommendation Systems. In this sense, it was developed and implemented in Centro Hospitalar do Porto a pre-triage system in order to group the patients on two levels (urgent or outpatient). However, although this system is calibrated and specific to the urgency of obstetrics and gynaecology, it does not meet all clinical requirements by the general department of the Portuguese HealthCare (Direção Geral de Saúde). The main requirement is the need of having priority triage system characterized by five levels. Thus some studies have been conducted with the aim of presenting a methodology able to evolve the pre-triage system on a Clinical Recommendation System with five levels. After some tests (using data mining and simulation techniques), it has been validated the possibility of transformation the pre-triage system in a Clinical Recommendation System in the obstetric context. This paper presents an overview of the Clinical Recommendation System for obstetric triage, the model developed and the main results achieved.
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AccessOpen access
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