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TitleSensorimotor synchronization when walking side by side with a point light walker
Author(s)Noy, Dominic
Mouta, Sandra
Lamas, João
Basso, D. M.
Silva, J.
Santos, Jorge A.
Point light walker
Issue dateJun-2015
CitationNoy, D., Mouta, S., Lamas, J. P., Basso, D. M., Silva, J. S., & Santos, J. A. (2015, June). Sensorimotor synchronization when walking side by side with a point light walker. Poster presented at the 16th International Multisensory Research Forum, Pisa.
Abstract(s)[Excerpt] Synchronization of periodic movements like side-by-side walking [7] is frequently modeled by coupled oscillators [5] and the coupling strength is defined quantitatively [3]. In contrast, in most studies on sensorimotor synchronization (SMS), simple movements like finger taps are synchronized with simple stimuli like metronomes [4]. While the latter paradigm simplifies matters and allows for the assessment of the relative weights of sensory modalities through systematic variation of the stimuli [1], it might lack ecological validity. Conversely, using more complex movements and stimuli might complicate the specification of mechanisms underlying coupling. We merged the positive aspects of both approaches to study the contribution of auditory and visual information on synchronization during side-by-side walking. As stimuli, we used Point Light Walkers (PLWs) and auralized steps sound; both were constructed from previously captured walking individuals [2][6]. PLWs were retro-projected on a screen and matched according to gender, hip height, and velocity. The participant walked for 7.20m side by side with 1) a PLW, 2) steps sound, or 3) both displayed in temporal congruence. Instruction to participants was to synchronize with the available stimuli. [...]
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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