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TitleObject-oriented inheritance of statecharts for control applications
Author(s)Fernandes, João M.
Machado, Ricardo J.
Software engineering
Embedded systems
Control applications
Computer control system design
Issue date2000
PublisherAssociação Portuguesa de Controlo Automático (APCA)
CitationProceedings of the 4th APCA Portuguese Conference on Automatic Control - CONTROLO’2000, pp. 232-237, 2000, [ISBN: 972-98603-0-0]
Abstract(s)This paper discusses how object-oriented iuheritance can be re-interpreted if statecharts are used for modelling the dynamic behaviour of an object. The support of inheritance of statecharts allows the improvement of systems' development by easing the reutilization of parts of already developed euccessful systems, aad by promoting the iterative and continuous models' refinement advocated by the operatioaal approach. Statechart is the formalism used within UML to specify reactive state.based behaviours. This paper covers the use of statecharts within the modelling of embedded systems for industrial control applxications, where performance and memory usage are main concerns.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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