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Título“Safety and health” as a criterion in the choice of tunneling method
Autor(es)Tender, M. L.
Couto, J. Pedro
EditoraTaylor and Francis
CitaçãoTender M., Couto J. P. “Safety and Health” as a criterion in the choice of tunneling method, Occupational Safety and Hygiene IV, pp. 153-157, doi:10.1201/b21172-32, 2016
Resumo(s)Risk management is of paramount importance in the success of tunnelling works and is linked to the tunnelling method and to the constraints of the works. Sequencial Excavation Method (SEM) and Tun-nel Boring Machine (TBM) method have been competing for years. This article, part of a wider study on the influence of the â Safety and Healthâ criterion in the choice of method, reviews the existing literature about the criteria usually employed to choose the tunnelling method and on the criterion â Safety and Healthâ . This crite-rion is particularly important, due to the financial impacts of work accidents and occupational diseases. This article is especially useful to the scientific and technical community, since it synthesizes the relevance of each one of the choice criteria used and it shows why â Safety and Healthâ must be a criterion in the decision mak-ing process to choose the tunnelling method.
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