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TitleDepressed mothers and infants are more relaxed during breastfeeding versus bottlefeeding interactions: brief report
Author(s)Field, Tiffany
Diego, Miguel
Hernandez-Reif, Maria
Figueiredo, Bárbara
Ezell, Shauna
Siblalingappa, Vijaya
KeywordsDepressed mothers and infants
Issue dateApr-2010
JournalInfant Behavior and Development
Abstract(s)Depressed and non-depressed mothers and their 3-month-old infants were videotaped during breastfeeding and bottlefeeding interactions. The videotapes were subsequently coded for a number of feeding interaction behaviors as well as being rated on the Interaction Rating Scales. No differences were noted between the depressed and non-depressed mothers. Several breastfeeding versus bottlefeeding group effects were observed. The breastfeeding mothers showed less burping and less intrusive behavior during the nipple-in periods as well as during the nipple-out periods. In addition, the breastfeeding mothers and their infants received better ratings on the Interaction Rating Scales. These data suggest that the depressed mothers and their infants not unlike the non-depressed mothers and their infants were benefited by breastfeeding.
AccessOpen access
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