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TitleAll different or all the same? Exploring the diversity of professional practices in Portuguese school psychology
Author(s)Mendes, Sofia A.
Lasser, Jon
Lima, Isabel M. P. Abreu
Almeida, Leandro S.
KeywordsSchool psychology
Professional practice
Cluster analysis
Issue date2017
JournalEuropean Journal of Psychology of Education
Abstract(s)Studies have generally characterized school psychologists as a relative homogenous population. Understanding the differences in professional practices and related variables is important for the development of the profession. Using a sample of 446 Portuguese school psychologists, this study used cluster analysis to identify distinct profiles of professional activity, based on practitioners’ time distribution among different target audiences (i.e.,students, parents, teachers, school board members, school non-professional staff, and other professionals within the school community). Three distinct profiles emerged from the data: a group highly oriented to work with students, a group that distributes time almost equitably between adults and students, and a group that concentrates attention and professional expertise on adults. Practice setting variables, such as school-psychologists-to-student ratio, schoolpsychologists-to-school ratio, number of referrals per year, and school community level of demand for different activities, were found to be significantly related to cluster membership. No personal- or professional-background-related variables differentiated the three groups. The main implications of these findings are discussed in light of recent literature regarding the models of service delivery for school psychologists.
Description"Published online: 29 March 2016"
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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