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TitleOrganization of construction activity in medieval Portugal: a comparative approach
Author(s)Ribeiro, Maria do Carmo Franco
Melo, Arnaldo Sousa
KeywordsOrganization of construction activity
Models of organization
Medieval and early modern construction
Portuguese Royal constructions
Monastery of Jerónimos (Lisbon)
Issue date2015
PublisherConstruction History Society of America (CHSA)
CitationRibeiro, Maria do Carmo and Melo, Arnaldo Sousa (2015) “Organization Of Construction Activity in Medieval Portugal: A Comparative Approach”, in Bowen, B.; Friedman, D.; Leslie, T. and Ochsendorf. T. (dir.) Proceedings of the 5th International Congress on Construction History Proceedings, Volume 1, Chicago, United States: Construction History Society of America, pp. 359-366.
Abstract(s)This paper aims to identify and characterize the organizational models of construction site and building activity in late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries, through the analysis of specific Portuguese case studies, related with important buildings financed by the royal power. This paper also intends to develop a comparative analysis between those different organizational models, identifying the main features of each one, as well as their similarities and differences. In this sense, we intend to present a comparative analysis between the two main models of organization of the construction site, through a methodology of crossing different types of sources, including written ones, such as books of accounts, but also iconographic and material sources, as well as the buildings and monuments still preserved today. In terms of written sources, the construction site accounting books allow us to study several specific aspects of the construction process, but also allow us to infer the organizational models of the construction activity.
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AccessOpen access
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