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TitleThe use of canonical correlation analysis to assess the relationship between executive functioning and verbal memory in older adults
Author(s)Moreira, Pedro Miguel Silva
Santos, Nadine Correia
Sousa, Nuno
Costa, Patrício Soares
KeywordsExecutive functioning
Verbal memory
Canonical correlation analysis
Mental health
Issue date2015
PublisherSAGE Publications
JournalGerontology & Geriatric Medicine
CitationMoreira, P. S., Santos, N. C., Sousa, N., & Costa, P. S. (2015). The Use of Canonical Correlation Analysis to Assess the Relationship Between Executive Functioning and Verbal Memory in Older Adults. Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine, 1
Abstract(s)Executive functioning (EF), which is considered to govern complex cognition, and verbal memory (VM) are constructs assumed to be related. However, it is not known the magnitude of the association between EF and VM, and how sociodemographic and psychological factors may affect this relationship, including in normal aging. In this study, we assessed different EF and VM parameters, via a battery of neurocognitive/psychological tests, and performed a Canonical Correlation Analysis (CCA) to explore the connection between these constructs, in a sample of middle- aged and older healthy individuals without cognitive impairment (N = 563, 50+ years of age). The analysis revealed a positive and moderate association between EF and VM independently of gender, age, education, global cognitive performance level, and mood. These results confirm that EF presents a significant association with VM performance.
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AccessOpen access
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