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TitleDeep infiltrating endometriosis of the colon causing cyclic bleeding
Author(s)Ribeiro, Cristina
Nogueira, Fernanda
Guerreiro, Sofia Cuco
Leão, Pedro
Issue date2015
PublisherBMJ Publishing Group
JournalBMJ Case Reports
CitationRibeiro, C., Nogueira, F., Guerreiro, S. C., & Leão, P. (2015). Deep infiltrating endometriosis of the colon causing cyclic bleeding. BMJ case reports, 2015
Abstract(s)[Description] Endometriosis, the presence of functional endometrial tissue outside the uterus, occurs in about 3–10% of women of reproductive age and is a cause of chronic pelvic pain and infertility for some.1 Bowel involvement may be present in about 5–10% of these women, mostly affecting the rectum and distal sigmoid (over 80% of cases), and, more infrequently, the appendix, ileum and caecum. The most common lesions involve only the serosa (endometriotic implants) but they can penetrate the muscular layers of the wall, in which case they are called deep infiltrating endometriosis. (...)
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