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TitleLipids under stress - a lipidomic approach for the study of mood disorders
Author(s)Miranda, André Miguel Lopes
Oliveira, Tiago Gil
chronic stress
mass spectrometry
mood disorders
Issue date2015
CitationMiranda, A. M., & Oliveira, T. G. (2015). Lipids under stress - A lipidomic approach for the study of mood disorders. BioEssays, 37(11), 1226-1235. doi: 10.1002/bies.201500070
Abstract(s)The emerging field of lipidomics has identified lipids as key players in disease physiology. Their physicochemical diversity allows precise control of cell structure and signaling events through modulation of membrane prop- erties and trafficking of proteins. As such, lipids are important regulators of brain function and have been implicated in neurodegenerative and mood disorders. Importantly, environmental chronic stress has been associated with anxiety and depression and its exposure in rodents has been extensively used as a model to study these diseases. With the accessibility to modern mass- spectrometry lipidomic platforms, it is now possible to snapshot the extensively interconnected lipid network. Here, we review the fundamentals of lipid biology and outline a framework for the interpretation of lipidomic studies as a new approach to study brain pathophysiology. Thus, lipid profiling provides an exciting avenue for the identification of disease signatures with important implications for diagnosis and treatment of mood disorders.
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