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TítuloSelf-compacting concrete and conventional concrete in the arena Pernambuco: comparative study of durability indicators and economic feasibility
Outro(s) título(s)Beton autocompactant şi obişnuit pentru stadionul Pernambuco: Studiu comparativ al indicatorilor de durabilitate şi fezabilitate economică
Autor(es)Calado, Carlos
Camões, Aires
Andrade, Tibério
Ribeiro, J.
Barkokébas, Béda
Palavras-chaveDurability and applicability on a jobsite
Self-compacting concrete (SCC)
EditoraFoundation for Materials Science and Engineering “serban Solacolu”
RevistaRomanian Journal of Materials
CitaçãoCalado C., Camões A., Andrade T., Ribeiro J., Barkokébas Jr B. Self compacting Concrete and Conventional Concrete in the Arena Pernambuco: Comparative Study of Durability Indicators and Economic Feasibility, Romanian Journal of Materials, Vol. 45, Issue 4, pp. 402-410, 1583-3186, 2015
Resumo(s)This study addressed the application, strength and durability of self-compacting concrete (SCC) in a large-scale construction site, comparing its performance with vibrated conventional concrete (CC) with similar characteristics, assessing its economic feasibility. The studies were undertaken in the Arena Pernambuco project and involved the concreting during May, June and July 2012, for data collection, accompanying the routine concrete control tests and performing specific strength and durability tests. The SCC compressive strength was on average 4.5% higher than the CC one, and its formwork reinforced to withstand greater lateral pressure of the fresh concrete. The durability indicators results were in favour of SCC, which cost was 13.5% higher than CC.
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