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TitleKi-67 expression in CRC lymph node metastasis does not predict survival
Author(s)Martins, Sandra
Amorim, Ricardo
Mota, Sílvia Coelho
Costa, Luís
Pardal, Fernando
Rodrigues, Mesquita
Longatto Filho, Adhemar
Issue date2015
PublisherHindawi Publishing Corporation
JournalBiomed Research International
CitationMartins, S. F., Amorim, R., Mota, S. C., Costa, L., Pardal, F., Rodrigues, M., & Longatto-Filho, A. (2015). Ki-67 Expression in CRC Lymph Node Metastasis Does Not Predict Survival. BioMed Research International, 2015. doi: 10.1155/2015/131685
Abstract(s)Colorectal cancer is one of the most common malignancies and a leading cause of cancer death worldwide. Molecular markers may improve clinicopathologic staging and provide a basis to guide novel therapeutic strategies which target specific tumourassociated molecules according to individual tumour biology; however, so far, no ideal molecular marker has been found to predict disease progression. We tested Ki-67 proliferation marker in primary and lymph node metastasis of CRC. We observed a statistical significant difference between the positive rates of neoplastic cells positively stained byKi-67 in both sites, with remarkable increased number of Ki-67 positive cells in primary tumor cells compared to cancer cells that invaded lymph nodes. We can speculate that the metastatic CRC in lymph node can be more resistant to the drugs that target cellular division.
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