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TitlePortuguese internet radio from 2006 to 2009: technical readiness and openness to interaction
Author(s)Portela, Pedro
Editor(s)Gazi, Angeliki
Starkey, Guy
Jedrzejewski, Stanislaw
Issue date2011
PublisherIntellect Ltd.
Abstract(s)[Extrat] The advent of thc internet raised questions about the role of radio in a fast-changing media environment. Many voices forecast its end but in the summer of 2008 the Swedish Radio and TV Authority published a study named 'The Future of Radio', which clearly opposed the pessimism of recent analysis. While the study anticipates the exhaustion of the FM model, it clearly broadens perspectives for DAB and internet radio, highlighting digitalization as the key element for the future relevance of radio. The Portuguese researcher and radio professional João Paulo Meneses states that 'the future of radio relies upon the internet', calling the broad service offerings of the net the pathway for the survival of radio from the threats to its two essential aspects: rnobility and accumulation (Meneses 2008). Accumulation is radio's capability to be used in a non­exclusive manner, which means that a listener can use the radio while performing other activities, like cooking, sewing, reading, writing or jogging.
TypeBook part
AccessOpen access
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