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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2008Visual programming with Interaction NetsHassan, Abubakar; Mackie, Ian; Pinto, Jorge SousaConference paperOpen access
Jul-2004Evolving time series forecasting ARMA modelsCortez, Paulo; Rocha, Miguel; Neves, JoséArticleOpen access
2005Group-based replication of on-line transaction processing serversCorreia Júnior, Alfrânio Tavares; Sousa, António Luís Pinto Ferreira de; Soares, L.; Pereira, José, 1973-; Moura, Francisco Coelho Soares; Oliveira, Rui Carlos Mendes deConference paperOpen access
2005On refinement of software architecturesMeng, Sun; Barbosa, L. S.; Naixiao, ZhangConference paperOpen access
2002Can UML be a system-language for embedded software?Fernandes, João M.; Machado, Ricardo J.Conference paperOpen access
2004Evolutionary algorithms for optimal control in fed-batch fermentation processesRocha, Miguel; Neves, José; Rocha, I.; Ferreira, E. C.Book partOpen access
May-2005Recursion patterns and time-analysisBarbosa, Manuel; Cunha, Alcino; Pinto, Jorge SousaArticleOpen access
2009Information modeling for real-time decision support in intensive medicineSantos, Manuel; Portela, Filipe; Vilas-Boas, Marta; Machado, José Manuel; Abelha, António; Neves, José; Silva, Álvaro; Rua, FernandoConference paperRestricted access (UMinho)
Apr-2008An illustrative example of refactoring object-oriented source code with aspect-oriented mechanismsMonteiro, Miguel Pessoa; Fernandes, João M.ArticleOpen access
Apr-2007Evolutionary computation for quality of service internet routing optimizationRocha, Miguel; Sousa, Pedro; Cortez, Paulo; Rio, MiguelConference paperOpen access