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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
Jul-2005A multiconstrained QoS aware scheduler for class-based IP networksSousa, Pedro; Carvalho, Paulo; Freitas, VascoArticleOpen access
2006An ontology for network servicesNeves, José; Carvalho, Paulo; Alípio, PedroConference paperOpen access
2006Automatic detection of SLS violation using knowledge based systemsAlípio, Pedro; Neves, José; Carvalho, PauloConference paperOpen access
Apr-2007Admission control in multiservice IP networks : architectural issues and trendsLima, Solange; Carvalho, Paulo; Freitas, VascoArticleOpen access
2006QoS adaptation in multimedia multicast conference applications for e-learning servicesCarvalho, Paulo; Deusdado, SérgioArticleOpen access
Jul-2004Tuning active monitoring in multiservice IP networksLima, Solange; Carvalho, Paulo; Freitas, VascoPanel presentationOpen access
Jun-1997As intranets como valor acrescentado para uma empresaPinto, Francisco Queirós; Carvalho, PauloConference paperOpen access
Oct-2004Groupware multicast com QoS pró-activa integrado num sistema de e-learningDeusdado, Sérgio; Carvalho, PauloPanel presentationOpen access
Oct-2008Paving roads towards eGov inclusion : a portuguese inter-municipal case studyLima, Jorge; Lima, Solange; Carvalho, PauloConference paperOpen access
Jun-2010A platform with combined environmental and physiological wireless data acquisition for AAL applicationsGama, Oscar; Martins, H.; Pereira, C.; Soares, S.; Valente, A.; Ribeiro, V. S.; Carvalho, Paulo; Mendes, P. M.Conference paperOpen access