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Titlet-­stories: improving and expanding t-­words
Author(s)Dantas, Joaquim
Sylla, Cristina Maria Santos Moreira Silva
Branco, Pedro
Carvalho, Vítor
Oliveira, Eva
KeywordsTangible interfaces
Story listening systems
Emergent literacy
Phonological awareness
Playful exploration
Story Listening System
Issue date17-Nov-2015
PublisherAssociation for Computing Machinery
CitationDantas, J., Sylla, C., Branco, P., Carvalho, V., Oliveira, E. (2015). t-­stories: Improving and Expanding t-­words. In Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology, ACE'15, Iskandar, Malaysia, Nov 16-19. New York, NY: ACM Press.
Abstract(s)This paper describes the reengineering t-words, a tangible interface that aims at promoting children’s collaborative and playful exploration of the oral language. t-stories, the new version of the interface, is composed by 10 client modules and a server module; each module has a slot on the top surface for placing paper cards (that can be customised) and a surface for drawing on the bottom. t-stories allows recording and reproducing audio as well as drawing, or writing on its surface. Additionally it allows recording and playing audio based on NFC tags, which can be stuck to different surfaces or objects, and used in various scenarios, e.g., record a story on a tag and stick it to a drawing. Children can use the interface to carry a wide variety of language related activities, and choose how they want to hear them (e.g., specific sequences or the whole story). This paper describes the new implementation of the interface and presents an intervention that was carried at kindergarten with a group of 18 children, aged between five and six years old.
TypeConference paper
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AccessOpen access
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