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TitleOn the temperature dependence of the absorption cross section for black holes in string theory
Author(s)Moura, Filipe Alexandre Pedra Aguiar
KeywordsBlack holes in higher dimensions
superstring effective actions
Issue date22-May-2015
PublisherWorld Scientific Publishing
JournalInternational Journal of Modern Physics D
Abstract(s)We study the low frequency absorption cross section of spherically symmetric nonextremal d-dimensional black holes. In the presence of α′ corrections, this quantity must have an explicit dependence on the Hawking temperature of the form 1/TH. This property of the low frequency absorption cross section is shared by the D1-D5 system from type IIB superstring theory already at the classical level, without α′ corrections. We apply our formula to the simplest example, the classical d-dimensional Reissner-Nordstr¨om solution, checking that the obtained formula for the cross section has a smooth extremal limit. We also apply it for a d-dimensional Tangherlini-like solution with α′3 corrections.
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AccessOpen access
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