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TitleBioinert, biodegradable and injectable polymeric matrix composites for hard tissue replacement: state of the art and recent developments
Author(s)Mano, J. F.
Sousa, R. A.
Boesel, L. F.
Neves, N. M.
Reis, R. L.
Polymer matrix composites
Mechanical properties
Injection moulding
A. Polymer matrix composites
B. Mechanical properties
B. Microstructure
E. Injection moulding
Issue date2004
JournalComposites Science and Technology
Citation"Composite Science and Technology". ISSN 0266-3538. 64:6 (2004) 789-817.
Abstract(s)The present review paper examines the use of different types of polymeric matrix composites in hard tissue replacement applications. The review presents the actual state of the art in the fields of bioinert composites for permanent applications, biodegradable matrix composites for temporary applications and the emerging area of injectable composites.In all cases some recent developments are also discussed.The paper starts with an introduction to locate the reader. Bone–analogue composites are then extensively discussed.Several other systems based on an inert polymeric matrix are described, focusing on their proposed applications.A great emphasis is afterwards given to biodegradable matrix systems.The most widely used synthetic bioresorbable systems are analysed and compared with an example of natural origin degradable composites–starch based composites.Finally, composite systems that are non-processable by melt based routes and in many cases injectable are discussed in detail, including several recent developments on this emerging area of research.
AccessOpen access
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