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dc.contributor.authorPrioste, Anapor
dc.contributor.authorNarciso, Isabelpor
dc.contributor.authorGonçalves, Miguel M.por
dc.contributor.authorPereira, Cícero R.por
dc.description.abstractAdolescents’ perceptions of parenting and family relationships are important variables for identifying mechanisms involved in how children acquire values and how these values are transmitted through families. In a sample of 515 adolescents, we investigated whether perceptions of the quality of parental practices would predict adolescents’ collectivist and individualist values. We hypothesized that perceived quality of family relations would mediate the relationship between the quality of parental practices and collectivist values but not of individualist values. The results of structural equation modeling suggested that perception of the quality of parental practices predicted adolescents’ both collectivist and individualist values. The predicted mediation effect was found for collectivist values, but not for individualist values. The results point to different functions of parenting and family relations on value acquisition. Implications for practice, such as the development and implementation of interventions to improve the formation of adolescents’ values by enhancing the quality of parenting and family relationships are discussed.por
dc.description.sponsorshipAcknowledgments This work was supported by the Ph.D. Grant of the first author (SFRH/BD/62182/2009), financed by Technology and Science Foundation (FCT).por
dc.publisherSpringer por
dc.subjectCollectivist valuespor
dc.subjectIIndividualist valuespor
dc.subjectParental practicespor
dc.subjectFamily relations Inpor
dc.subjectIndividualist valuespor
dc.subjectFamily relationspor
dc.titleFamily relationship and parenting practices: a pathway to adolesents’ collectivist and individualist values?por
degois.publication.titleJournal of Family and Children Studiespor
dc.subject.wosSocial Sciencespor
dc.subject.wosScience & Technologypor
sdum.journalJournal of Family and Children Studiespor
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