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TitleRepository power: how repositories can support Open Access mandates
Author(s)Rettberg, Najla
Schirrwagen, Jochen
Príncipe, Pedro
Rodrigues, Eloy
Manghi, Paolo
Manola, Natalia
Carvalho, José
Open Access
Funding information
Issue dateJun-2015
Abstract(s)Many funding agencies have Open Access mandates in place, but how often are scientific publications as outputs linked to funding details? The benefits of linking funding information to publications as part of the deposit workflow can assist in adhering to Open Access mandates. This paper examines how OpenAIRE – Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe – can ease monitoring Open Access and reporting processes for funders, and presents some results and opportunities. It also outlines how it relies on cleaned and curated repository content, a vital cog in the ever turning wheel of the global scholarly landscape, and the benefits it brings.
TypePanel presentation
AccessOpen access
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