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TitleEffect of polymeric matrix on morphology and photoelectric properties of polymer-quantum dots nanocomposites
Author(s)Moura, I.
Abreu, Ana S.
de Sá, Arsénio
Sedrine, N.
Monteiro, T.
Machado, A. V.
Issue date2015
Abstract(s)Recently, CdTe semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) have attracted great interest due to their unique properties [1]. Their dispersion into polymeric matrices would be very for several optoelectronics applications. Despite its importance, there has been relatively little work done on charge transport in the QD polymeric films [2], which is mainly affected by their structural and morphological properties. In the present work, polymer-quantum dot nanocomposites films based on optically transparent polymers in the visible spectral range and CdTe QDs with controlled particle size and emission wavelength, were prepared via solvent casting. Photoluminescent (PL) measurements indicate different emission intensity of the nanocomposites. A blue shift of the emission peak compared to that of QDs in solution occurred, which is attributed to the QDs environment changes. The morphological and structural properties of the CdTe nanocomposites were evaluated. Since better QDs dispersion was achieved, PMMA seemed to be the most promising matrix. Electrical properties measurements indicate an ohmic behavior.
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