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TitleReview of robotic technology for keyhole transcranial stereotactic neurosurgery
Author(s)Faria, Carlos
Erlhagen, Wolfram
Rito, Manuel
De Momi, Elena
Ferrigno, Giancarlo
Bicho, Estela
KeywordsImage-guided surgery
Keyhole transcranial neurosurgery
Robotic technology
Issue date2015
JournalIEEE Reviews in Biomedical Engineering
CitationIEEE Reviews on Biomedical Engineering 8 (2015), 125-137
Abstract(s)The research of stereotactic apparatus to guide surgical devices began in 1908, yet a major part of today's stereotactic neurosurgeries still rely on stereotactic frames developed almost half a century ago. Robots excel at handling spatial information, and are, thus, obvious candidates in the guidance of instrumentation along precisely planned trajectories. In this review, we introduce the concept of stereotaxy and describe a standard stereotactic neurosurgery. Neurosurgeons' expectations and demands regarding the role of robots as assistive tools are also addressed. We list the most successful robotic systems developed specifically for or capable of executing stereotactic neurosurgery. A critical review is presented for each robotic system, emphasizing the differences between them and detailing positive features and drawbacks. An analysis of the listed robotic system features is also undertaken, in the context of robotic application in stereotactic neurosurgery. Finally, we discuss the current perspective, and future directions of a robotic technology in this field. All robotic systems follow a very similar and structured workflow despite the technical differences that set them apart. No system unequivocally stands out as an absolute best. The trend of technological progress is pointing toward the development of miniaturized cost-effective solutions with more intuitive interfaces.
AccessOpen access
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