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TitleA new competitive implementation of the electromagnetism-like algorithm for global optimization
Author(s)Rocha, Ana Maria A. C.
Silva, Andreia Patrícia Matias
Rocha, Jorge Gustavo
KeywordsGlobal optimization
Unconstrained minimization
Matlab environment
Electromagnetism-like algorithm
Derivative-free algorithm
Issue date2015
JournalLecture Notes in Computer Science
CitationA.M.A.C. Rocha, A. Silva, and J.G. Rocha, A New Competitive Implementation of the Electro\-magnetism-like Algorithm for Global Optimization, O. Gervasi et al. (Eds.): ICCSA 2015, Part II, LNCS 9156, pp. 506--521, Springer, 2015.
Abstract(s)The Electromagnetism-like (EM) algorithm is a population- based stochastic global optimization algorithm that uses an attraction- repulsion mechanism to move sample points towards the optimal. In this paper, an implementation of the EM algorithm in the Matlab en- vironment as a useful function for practitioners and for those who want to experiment a new global optimization solver is proposed. A set of benchmark problems are solved in order to evaluate the performance of the implemented method when compared with other stochastic methods available in the Matlab environment. The results con rm that our imple- mentation is a competitive alternative both in term of numerical results and performance. Finally, a case study based on a parameter estimation problem of a biology system shows that the EM implementation could be applied with promising results in the control optimization area.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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