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dc.contributor.authorFerreira, Marcopor
dc.contributor.authorAlmeida, Manuela Guedes depor
dc.contributor.authorRodrigues, Anapor
dc.identifier.citationFerreira M., Almeida M. G., Rodrigues A. Improving buildings energy performance - Comparison between simple payback period and life cycle costs analysis, ICEE 2015 | 2nd International Conference on Energy and Environment, 2015-
dc.description.abstractThe building sector is one of the Europeâ s main energy consumer, making buildings an important target for a wiser energy use, improving indoor comfort conditions and reducing the energy consumption. To achieve the European Union targets for energy consumption and carbon reductions it is crucial to act in new, but also in existing buildings, which constitute the majority of the building stock. In existing buildings, the significant improvement of their efficiency requires important investments. Therefore, costs are a major concern in the decision making process and the analysis of the cost effectiveness of the interventions is an important path in the guidance for the selection of the different renovation scenarios. The Portuguese thermal legislation considers the simple payback method for the calculations of the time for the return of the investment. However, this method does not take into consideration inflation, cash flows and cost of capital, as well as the future costs of energy and the building elements lifetime as it happens in a life cycle cost analysis. In order to understand the impact of the economic analysis method used in the choice of the renovation measures, a case study has been analysed using simple payback calculations and life cycle costs analysis. Overall results show that less far-reaching renovation measures are indicated when using the simple payback calculations which may be leading to solutions less cost-effective in a long run perspective.por
dc.publisherUniversidade do Minhopor
dc.subjectEnergy efficiencypor
dc.subjectEnergy savingspor
dc.subjectLife cycle costspor
dc.titleImproving buildings energy performance: comparison between simple payback period and life cycle costs analysispor
oaire.citationConferenceDate18 - 19 Jun. 2015por
oaire.citationConferencePlaceGuimarães, Portugalpor
oaire.citationTitle2nd International Conference on Energy and Environment. ICEE 2015por
dc.subject.wosScience & Technologypor
sdum.journalICEE International Conference on Energy & Environmentpor
sdum.conferencePublication2nd International Conference on Energy and Environment. ICEE 2015por
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