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TitleStep towards a patient timeline in intensive care units
Author(s)Braga, André
Portela, Filipe
Santos, Manuel
Machado, José
Abelha, António
Silva, Álvaro
Rua, Fernando
KeywordsIntensive medicine
Intensive care units
Patient timeline
Issue date2015
PublisherElsevier Science BV
JournalProcedia Computer Science
Abstract(s)In Intensive Medicine, the presentation of medical information is done in many ways, depending on the type of data collected and stored. The way in which the information is presented can make it difficult for intensivists to quickly understand the patient's condition. When there is the need to cross between several types of clinical data sources the situation is even worse. This research seeks to explore a new way of presenting information about patients, based on the timeframe in which events occur. By developing an interactive Patient Timeline, intensivists will have access to a new environment in real-time where they can consult the patient clinical history and the data collected until the moment. The medical history will be available from the moment in which patients is admitted in the ICU until discharge, allowing intensivist to examine data regarding vital signs, medication, exams, among others. This timeline also intends to, through the use of information and models produced by the INTCare system, combine several clinical data in order to help diagnose the future patients’ conditions. This platform will help intensivists to make more accurate decision. This paper presents the first approach of the solution designed
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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