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TitleDeploying public surface transit to forward messages in DTN
Author(s)Hadiwardoyo, Seilendria A.
Santos, Alexandre
KeywordsDelay Tolerant Networks
Public transit
Routing Protocol
Issue dateAug-2015
JournalInternational Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference
Abstract(s)Delay Tolerant Network (DTN) is a communication architecture enabling connectivity in a topology with unregular end-to-end network connection. DTN enables communication in environments with cross-connectivity, large delays and delivery time variations, and a high error rate. DTN can be used in vehicular networks where public transport get involved. This research aims to analyze the role of public transit as a DTN routing infrastructure. The impact of using public transit as a relay router is investigated by referencing the network performance, defined by its delivery ratio, average delay and overhead. The results show that public transit can be used as a backbone for DTN in an urban scenario using existing protocols. This opens insights for future researches on routing algorithm and protocol design.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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