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TitleTowards human-like bimanual movements in anthropomorphic robots: a nonlinear optimization approach
Author(s)Silva, Eliana Oliveira Costa
Costa, M. Fernanda P.
Araújo, José Pedro Ferreira
Machado, Dario
Louro, Luís
Erlhagen, Wolfram
Bicho, Estela
KeywordsLarge scale nonlinear optimization
Bimanual human-like movements
Anthropomorphic robot
Issue dateMar-2015
PublisherNatural Sciences Publishing
JournalApplied Mathematics and Information Sciences
Abstract(s)Previously we have presented a model for generating human-like arm and hand movements on an unimanual anthropomorphic robot involved in human-robot collaboration tasks. The present paper aims to extend our model in order to address the generation of human-like bimanual movement sequences which are challenged by scenarios cluttered with obstacles. Movement planning involves large scale nonlinear constrained optimization problems which are solved using the IPOPT solver. Simulation studies show that the model generates feasible and realistic hand trajectories for action sequences involving the two hands. The computational costs involved in the planning allow for real-time human robot-interaction. A qualitative analysis reveals that the movements of the robot exhibit basic characteristics of human movements.
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