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TitleCost-effective and lightweight mobile units for MixAR: A comparative trial among different setups
Author(s)Pádua, Luís
Narciso, David
Adão, Telmo
Cunha, Antonio
Peres, Emanuel
Magalhães, Luís Gonzaga Mendes
KeywordsAugmented Reality
Mixed Reality
Archeological visitations
Augmented Reality mobile units
Mobile devices
Issue dateOct-2015
JournalProcedia Computer Science
CitationPádua, L., Narciso, D., Adão, T., Cunha, A., Peres, E., & Magalhães, L. (2015). Cost-effective and Lightweight Mobile Units for MixAR: A Comparative Trial among Different Setups. Procedia Computer Science, 64, 870-878
Abstract(s)Cultural heritage has arousing the interest of the general public (e.g. tourists), resulting in the increasing number of visitations to archaeological sites. However, many buildings and monuments are severely damaged or completely destroyed, which doesn’t allow to get a full experience of “travelling in time”. Over the years, several Augmented Reality (AR) approaches were proposed to overcome these issues by providing three-dimensional visualization of reconstructed ancient structures in situ. However, most of these systems were made available through heavy and expensive technological bundles. Alternatively, MixAR intends to be a lightweight and cost-effective Mixed Reality system which aims to provide the visualization of virtual ancient buildings reconstructions in situ, properly superimposed and aligned with real-world ruins. This paper proposes and compares different AR mobile units setups to be used in the MixAR system, with low-cost and lightweight requirements in mind, providing different levels of immersion. It was propounded four different mobile units, based on: a laptop computer, a single-board computer (SBC), a tablet and a smartphone, which underwent a set of tests to evaluate their performances. The results show that mobile units based on laptop computer and SBC reached a good overall performance while mobile units based on tablet and smartphone did not meet such a satisfactory result even though they are acceptable for the intended use.
TypeConference paper
Publisher version
AccessRestricted access (UMinho)
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