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TítuloEnrollment time as a requirement for biometric hand recognition systems
Autor(es)Carvalho, João P.
Sá, Vítor J.
de Magalhães, Sérgio Tenreiro
Santos, Henrique
Palavras-chaveBiometric systems requirements
Security systems
Hand geometry
Biometric enrolment
EditoraAcademic Conferences and Publishing International
RevistaProceedings of the International Conference on Information Warfare and Security
CitaçãoCarvalho, J., Sá, V., Tenreiro de Magalhães, S., & Santos, H. (2015, February). Enrollment Time as a Requirement for Biometric Hand Recognition Systems. In Iccws 2015-The Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security (p. 66). Academic Conferences Limited
Resumo(s)Biometric systems are increasingly being used as a means for authentication to provide system security in modern technologies. The performance of a biometric system depends on the accuracy, the processing speed, the template size, and the time necessary for enrollment. While much research has focused on the first three factors, enrollment time has not received as much attention. In this work, we present the findings of our research focused upon studying user’s behavior when enrolling in a biometric system. Specifically, we collected information about the user’s availability for enrollment in respect to the hand recognition systems (e.g., hand geometry, palm geometry or any other requiring positioning the hand on an optical scanner). A sample of 19 participants, chosen randomly apart their age, gender, profession and nationality, were used as test subjects in an experiment to study the patience of users enrolling in a biometric hand recognition system.
Versão da editorahttp://academic-bookshop.com/ourshop/prod_3774091-ICCWS-2015-10th-International-Conference-on-Cyber-Warfare-and-Security-Kruger-National-Park-South-Africa-PRINT-ver-ISBN-978191030996.html
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