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TítuloEvaluation of foamed bitumen efficiency in warm asphalt mixtures recycling
Autor(es)Abreu, Liliana
Oliveira, Joel
Silva, Hugo Manuel Ribeiro Dias da
Palha, Daniela
Fonseca, P.
Palavras-chaveFoamed bitumen
Warm asphalt mixtures
EditoraCRC Press
CitaçãoAbreu L., Oliveira J. R. M., Silva H. M. R. D., Palha D., Fonseca P. Evaluation of foamed bitumen efficiency in warm asphalt mixtures recycling, 3rd Int Conference on Wastes: Solutions, treatments and opportunities, pp. 1-6, 978-1-138-02882-1, 2015
Resumo(s)The recycling of pavements is nowadays a very important question to the road paving industry. With the objective of incorporating higher percentages of reclaimed asphalt (RA) materials in recycled asphalt mixtures, new techniques have been developed in the last years. The use of foamed bitumen is normally associated with the production of cold asphalt mixtures, which usually show lower quality standards. However, the objective of the work presented in this paper is to assess the use of foamed bitumen as the binder of warm asphalt mixtures incorporating 30% RA, which have quality standards similar to those of conventional mixtures. Thus, five mixtures have been produced with 30% RA, one of them with a conventional bitumen (control mix) and the others with foamed bitumen at different production temperatures. The mixtures were tested for compactability and water sensitivity and the results show a possible reduction of 25 ºC in the production temperatures, while the water sensitivity test results were kept close to 90 %.
Versão da editorahttp://www.crcnetbase.com/doi/abs/10.1201/b18853-2
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