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TitleThe urban morphology of Braga between Late Antiquity and the fourteenth-fifteenth centuries
Author(s)Ribeiro, Maria do Carmo Franco
Fontes, Luís Fernando Oliveira
Urban morphology
Late Antiquity
Middle Ages
Issue date2015
PublisherUniversidade do Minho. Unidade de Arqueologia (UAUM)
Universitat de Lleida
CitationRibeiro, Maria do Carmo and Fontes, Luís, “The Urban Morphology of Braga between Late Antiquity and the Fourteenth-Fifteenth centuries”, in Raquel Martínez Peñin (ed.) Braga and its territory between the fifth and the fifteenth centuries, Espai / Temps, Unidade de Arqueologia Universidade do Minho e Universitat de Lleida, 67 (2015), p. 29-45 (DL L 526-2015 / ISBN 978-84-8409-750-1).
Abstract(s)This paper aims to approach the urban transformation processes occurring in the city of Braga between Late Antiquity and the fourteenth-fifteenth centuries. Our approach is based upon the cross-referencing of documental, iconographic and cartographic data with data emerging from archaeological works conducted across the city throughout the last two decades. Despite the scarcity in sources documenting the historical period under study, a similar circumstance registered in other western European cities, new and emerging archaeological data associated with a regressive analysis of available information for the forthcoming centuries —documents, maps, plans and illustrations, have been contributing towards an advance in the overall knowledge regarding the continuity and changing processes impacting upon the urban area of Braga. Thereby, our goal is to develop a synthesis work describing the major evolutionary stages happening in Braga from the fifth to the fifteenth centuries and based upon anintegrated analysis of the architectonic markers, the morphology present in the urban setting, the existing Christian topography, the defensive system and the main road network.
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