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TitleA review of squeaking in ceramic total hip prostheses
Author(s)Askari, Ehsan
Flores, Paulo
Dabirrahmani, Danè
Appleyard, Richard
KeywordsCeramic total hip arthroplasty
Fluid-film lubrication
Multibody dynamics methodology
Issue date2016
JournalTribology International
Abstract(s)The occurrence of audible squeaking in some patients with ceramic-on-ceramic (CoC) hip prostheses is a cause for concern. Considering multifactor contributing to this phenomenon, many studies have been conducted over the last decade. Great efforts have been put on understanding the mechanics of the hip squeaking to gain a deep insight into factors resulting in sound emission from hip articulation. Disruption of fluid-film lubrication and friction were reported as main potential causes of hip squeaking, while patient and surgical factors as well as design and material of hip implants were identified as affecting factors. This review article therefore summarised the recent available literature on this subject to provide a platform for future developments. Moreover, high wear rates and ceramic liner fracture as viable consequences of hip squeaking were discussed.
AccessOpen access
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