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TitleThe quantified-Self and wearable technologies in the workplace: implications and challenges for their implementations
Author(s)Lavalliere, M.
Arezes, P.
Burstein, A.
Coughlin, J. F.
KeywordsHealth and safety
Personalized intervention
Big Data
Issue date2015
PublisherSociedade Portuguesa de Segurança e Higiene Ocupacionais (SPOSHO)
CitationLavalliere, M., Arezes, P. M., Burstein, A., & Coughlin, J. F. (2015). The Quantified-Self and wearable technologies in the workplace: implications and challenges for their implementations. Sho2015: International Symposium on Occupational Safety and Hygiene, 161-163.
Abstract(s)Introduction of technologies in the workplace have led to a dramatic change. These changes have come with an increased capacity to gather data about one’s working performance (i.e. productivity), as well as the capacity to track one’s personal responses (i.e. emotional, physiological, etc.) to this changing workplace environment. This movement of self-monitoring or self-sensing using diverse types of wearable sensors combined with the use of computing has been identified as the Quantified-Self. Miniaturization of sensors, reduction in cost and a non-stop increase in the computer power capacity has led to a panacea of wearables and sensors to track and analyze all types of information. Utilized in the personal sphere to track information, a looming question remains, should employers use the information from the Quantified-Self to track their employees’ performance or well-being in the workplace and will this benefit employees? The aim of the present work is to layout the implications and challenges associated with the use of Quantified-Self information in the workplace. The Quantified-Self movement has enabled people to understand their personal life better by tracking multiple information and signals; such an approach could allow companies to gather knowledge on what drives productivity for their business and/or well-being of their employees. A discussion about the implications of this approach will cover 1) Monitoring health and well-being, 2) Oversight and safety, and 3) Mentoring and training. Challenges will address the question of 1) Privacy and Acceptability, 2) Scalability and 3) Creativity. Even though many questions remain regarding their use in the workplace, wearable technologies and Quantified-Self data in the workplace represent an exciting opportunity for the industry and health and safety practitioners who will be using them.
TypeConference paper
AccessRestricted access (UMinho)
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