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TitleEvolutionary algorithms for optimal control in fed-batch fermentation processes
Author(s)Rocha, Miguel
Neves, José
Rocha, I.
Ferreira, E. C.
KeywordsBio-engineering processes
Fed-batch fermentation optimization
Variable size chromosomes
Real-valued representations
Issue date2004
JournalLecture Notes in Computer Science
CitationLecture Notes in Computer Science, 3005, 84-93, 2004. (RAIDL, Günther [et al.], ed lit. – “Applications of evolutionary computing : proceedings of EvoWorkshops 2004, Coimbra, Portugal, 2004”. Berlin: Springer, 2004. ISBN 3-540-21378-3.)
Abstract(s)In this work, Evolutionary Algorithms (EAs) are used to achieve optimal feedforward control in a recombinant bacterial fed-batch fermentation process, that aims at producing a bio-pharmaceutical product. Three diferent aspects are the target of the optimization procedure: the feeding trajectory (the amount of substrate introduced in a bioreactor per time unit), the duration of the fermentation and the initial conditions of the process. A novel EA with variable size chromosomes and using real-valued representations is proposed that is capable of simultaneously optimizing the aforementioned aspects. Outstanding productivity levels were achieved and the results are validated by practice.
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Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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