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TitleA meta-analysis of information systems research diversity in Portugal
Author(s)Esteves, José
Ramos, Isabel
KeywordsInformation Systems
IS diversity
IS research
Issue date2003
CitationAMERICAS CONFERENCE ON INFORMATION SYSTEMS, Florida, 2003 – “AMCIS 2003 : proceedings”. [S.l : s.n., 2003].
Abstract(s)This paper surveys the development of current Information Systems (IS) research in Portugal, giving a broad overview of research activities in this field by analyzing the articles delivered at the Portuguese IS Conference (PISC). Based on such an analysis of all papers published by PISC, the paper presents the findings on key aspects such as keywords, key research topics and most cited articles. We also compare our findings with European and international IS research analyses. With this study, we hope to contribute to the dissemination of IS research knowledge in Portugal and to provide the basis for a broader discussion within the Portuguese IS community.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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