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TitleDevelopment of benchmarks for operating costs and resources consumption to be used in healthcare building sustainability assessment methods
Author(s)Castro, M. F.
Mateus, Ricardo
Serôdio, F.
Bragança, L.
Healthcare buildings
Healthcare Buildings Sustainability Assessment (HBSA)
Issue dateSep-2015
CitationCastro M. F., Mateus R., Serôdio F., Bragança L. Development of Benchmarks for Operating Costs and Resources Consumption to be Used in Healthcare Building Sustainability Assessment Methods, Sustainability, Issue 7, pp. 13222-13248, doi:10.3390/su71013222, 2015
Abstract(s)Since the last decade of the twentieth century, the healthcare industry is paying attention to the environmental impact of their buildings and therefore new regulations, policy goals and Buildings Sustainability Assessment (HBSA) methods are being developed and implemented. At the present, healthcare is one of the most regulated industries and it is also one of the largest consumers of energy per net floor area. To assess the sustainability of healthcare buildings it is necessary to establish a set of benchmarks related with their life-cycle performance. They are both essential to rate the sustainability of a project and to support designers and other stakeholders in the process of designing and operating a sustainable building, by allowing the comparison to be made between a project and the conventional and best market practices. This research is focused on the methodology to set the benchmarks for resources consumption, waste production, operation costs and potential environmental impacts related to the operational phase of healthcare buildings. It aims at contributing to the reduction of the subjectivity found in the definition of the benchmarks used in Building Sustainability Assessment (BSA) methods, and it is applied in the Portuguese context. These benchmarks will be used in the development of a Portuguese HBSA method.
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