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Title2D fluid approaches of DC magnetron discharge
Author(s)Costin, C.
Marques, L.
Popa, G.
Gousset, G.
KeywordsMagnetron discharge
Numerical modelling
Fluid model
Issue date1-Feb-2005
PublisherIOP Publishing
JournalPlasma Sources Science and Tecnhology
Citation"Plasma Sources Science and Tecnhology". ISSN 0963-0252. 14 (2005) 168-176.
Abstract(s)A two dimensional (r,z) time-dependent fluid model was developed and used to describe a DC planar magnetron discharge with cylindrical symmetry. The transport description of the charged species uses the corresponding first three moments of Boltzmann equation: continuity, momentum transfer and mean energy transfer (the latter one only for electrons), coupled with Poisson equation. An original way is proposed to treat the transport equations. Electron and ion momentum transport equations are reduced to the classical drift-diffusion expression of the fluxes since the presence of the magnetic field is introduced as an additional part in the electron flux, while for ions an effective electric field was considered. Thus, both continuity and mean energy transfer equations are solved in a classical manner. Numerical simulations were performed considering Argon as buffer gas, with a neutral pressure varying between 5 and 30 mtorr, a gas temperature from 300 to 350 K and cathode voltages lying from -200 up to -600 V. Results obtained for densities of the charged particle, fluxes and plasma potential are in good agreement with previous works.
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