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TitlePolyamide microcapsules and method to produce the same
Author(s)Denchev, Z.
Dencheva, Nadya Vasileva
Anionic polymerization of lactams
Loaded microparticles
Issue date3-Jun-2014
Abstract(s)The invention relates to polyamide microcapsules prepared by means of activated anionic polymerization of lactams in a hydrocarbon solution containing organic or inorganic payloads in their cores and with porous polyamide shells. The capsules possess spherical or spheroid forms with average diameters in the range of 5-500 microns including payloads whose amount could vary from 0.05 to 50-60% of their weight which payload can include metals, metal oxides, carbon allotropes and/or their functionalized derivatives, clays, or any other polymeric or low molecular compounds that do not inhibit the polymerization process, being either soluble or insoluble in the reaction media. The microcapsules of the present invention can be used as obtained or can be transformed into molded parts of advanced thermoplastic composites comprising polyamide matrices reinforced by homogeneously distributed organic or inorganic reinforcements.
DescriptionNational Patent application n.º 107879, data filled: 03.06.2014
AccessOpen access
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