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TítuloA historical approach of the fundamental concept of measurement: Measuring “Time”, in Portuguese textbooks for 5th and 6th grades
Autor(es)Amaral, Ana
Gomes, Alexandra
Ralha, Elfrida
Palavras-chaveHistory of mathematics
Fundamental concept of Measure
Mathematics teaching
EditoraVerlag Holzhausen
Resumo(s)In this article we present part of a PhD project on “The fundamental concept of Measure: epistemological and pedagogical aspects related to the first six years of schooling”. It aims at analyzing the historical approach of the fundamental concept of Measure as presented in Portuguese mathematics textbooks for the 2nd cycle of Basic Education. In particular it intends: 1) To explain why do we look at the mathematical concept of Measurement as not only elementary but, above all, a fundamental concept in mathematics; 2) to identify a historical approach, in textbooks, inasmuch as it contributes to promotion and enrichment of learning the concept; 3) to analyse activities (problems and exercises) suggested and requiring Measurement. Our specification of the concept of Measurement will be, in this article, “Time”.
Arbitragem científicayes
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CMAT - Comunicações com arbitragem/Communications with refereeing

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