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TitlePromoção da leitura na escola portuguesa: metodologias e crenças dos professores do Ensino Básico
Author(s)Sardinha, Maria da Graça
Azevedo, Fernando
Rato, Rosa
Reading promotion
Training readers
Issue date2015
PublisherAsociación Española de Comprensión Lectora (AECL)
JournalInvestigaciones sobre lectura (ISL)
CitationSardinha, M. G.; Azevedo, F.; Rato, R. (2015). Promoção da leitura na escola portuguesa: metodologias e crenças dos professores do Ensino Básico, Investigaciones sobre Lectura (ISL), 4, 25-50.
Abstract(s)This paper presents the results of a research study that was done in the Portuguese district of Castelo Branco in the interior of Portugal. The research study aimed at knowing the methodologies and beliefs of teachers from Basic Education about reading promotion. The sample consists of 134 teachers who underwent an inquiry in four areas. In the first area there is an identification of the subject of the survey, in the second we will know the reading habits of the subjects of the survey, in the third we will know the resources that these subjects use in their practices, and in the last area we will known the methods the subjects used in the classrooms.
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