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TitleOptical characterization of TiAlN/TiAlON/SiO2 absorber for solar selective applications
Author(s)Rebouta, L.
Pitães, A.
Andritschky, M.
Capela, Paulina Araújo
Cerqueira, M. F.
Matilainen, A.
Pischow, K.
Solar selective absorber
Reactive magnetron sputtering
Issue date2012
JournalSurface & Coatings Technology
Abstract(s)Characterization of a TiAlN/TiAlON/SiO2 tandem absorber is reported in this contribution. The first two layers were deposited by magnetron sputtering and the third layer was prepared by plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PECVD). The optimization was performed by determining the optical constants of individual layers by first measuring spectral transmittance and reflectance of the individual layers. Subsequently the measuring spectra were fitted using the SCOUT software and dielectric function of each layer was determined. The three layer stack absorber on copper was then designed using those optical properties. The thickness of the individual layers was optimized until a solar absorptance of 95.5% was obtained resulting in a total thickness of about 215 nm (65 nm/51 nm/100 nm for the individual layers, respectively). A thermal emittance of 5% for an absorber temperature of 100 °C was obtained by analyzing the measuring data from a FTIR spectrometer with integrating sphere. During continuous thermal annealing at 278 °C for 600 h the absorptance decreased by 0.4%
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