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TitleSynthesis of Pd-Ag alloy membranes and their application in membrane reactors for hydrogen production and purification
Author(s)Pérez, P.
Soria, Miguel A.
Pereira, Ana Isabel
Tavares, C. J.
Tosti, Silvano
Mendes, A.
Madeira, L. M.
KeywordsHydrogen production
Water-gas shift reaction
Pd-Ag membrane
Membrane reactor
Issue date2012
Abstract(s)Pd-Ag based membranes, self-supported and supported on porous α-Al2O3, have been studied for hydrogen selective separation. In the case of the self-supported membranes the Pd-Ag permeator tube was prepared by cold-rolling and diffusion welding technique; magnetron sputtering technique was employed for the synthesis of the membrane supported on porous α-Al2O3. The results have shown that the self supported Pd-Ag membranes are infinitively H2-selective and the H2-permeation rate through this membrane is in accordance with Sieverts´ law for detect-free meal membranes; hence, an ultra-pure hydrogen stream can be obtained. The Pd-Ag membrane supported on porous α-Al2O3 is not completely selective towards H2, but requires much less metal since it is much thinner (ca. ~50 vs. 1 µm). In this work, it was studied the water-gas shift on Pd-Ag membrane reactor, but it was also illustrated another application of palladium membranes, in the ethanol steam reforming. The use of the self-supported Pd-Ag membrane leads to enhance the H2 yield in both reactions, providing much better performances than conventional reactors.
AccessOpen access
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