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2013Internalization, intracellular retention and release of drug-loaded dendrimer nanoparticles in astrocytesCerqueira, Susana R.; Chowdhury, Helena H.; Mano, J. F.; Oliveira, Joaquim M.; Sousa, Nuno; Zorec, Ribert; Reis, R. L.AbstractOpen access
2011Novel gellan gum hydrogels for tissue engineering of intervertebral discPereira, D. R.; Silva-Correia, Joana; Caridade, S. G.; Sousa, R. A.; Oliveira, Miguel; Mano, J. F.; Reis, R. L.AbstractOpen access
21-Dec-2011Improvement on the mechanical properties of cork composites using suberin as coupling agent through a reactive extrusion processFernandes, E. M.; Aroso, Ivo Manuel Ascensão; Pires, R. A.; Correlo, V. M.; Pitkänen, P.; Koskimies, S.; Mano, J. F.; Reis, R. L.Conference paperOpen access
2013Nanostructured multilayer films exhibiting using mussel adhesive inspired polymersNeto, Ana I.; Cibrão, Ana; Luz, Gisela; Ferrer, Glória G.; Botelho, Gabriela; Picart, Catherine; Alves, N. M.; Mano, J. F.AbstractOpen access
Apr-2013Tailor made degradable ureteral stents from natural origin polysaccharidesBarros, Alexandre A.; Duarte, Ana Rita C.; Pires, R. A.; Lima, Estêvão Augusto Rodrigues de; Mano, J. F.; Reis, R. L.Conference paperOpen access
2013Nanostructured thin coatings from chitosan and an elastin-like recombinamer with acute stimuli-responsive behaviorCosta, Rui R.; Ribeiro, Artur J.; Rodríguez-Cabello, José Carlos; Mano, J. F.Conference paperOpen access
2002The Dynamics of the Glass Transition in a Semicrystalline PET Studied by Mechanical and Dielectric Spectroscopic MethodsAlves, N. M.; Lanceros-Méndez, S.; Mano, J. F.; Gómez Ribelles, J. L.Book partRestricted access (UMinho)
2006Study of the fosfosal controlled permeation through glutaraldehyde crosslinked chitosan membranesSilva, R. M.; Mano, J. F.; Reis, R. L.Conference paperOpen access
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