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TitleCollaborative Research (CR) as a reduced transaction cost in Open Innovation
Author(s)Porath, Amiram
Rahman, Md. Hakikur
Ramos, Isabel
KeywordsOpen Innovation
Collaborative Research
Issue date2012
PublisherAssociation for Information Systems
CitationPorath, Amiram, H. Rahman and I. Ramos (2012). “Collaborative Research (CR) as a Reduced Transaction Cost in Open Innovation.” 7th Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems Proceedings. In the Proceedings of MCIS 2012 - 7th Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems, September 8-10, 2012, Guimarães, Portugal
Abstract(s)In this conceptual paper, open innovation is considered from the point of view of collaboration between industry and academy. However, if considered under the framework of the Resource Based Theory, specifically regarding Transaction Cost, it can be shown that the two phenomena are in fact compatible. The discussion regarding Transaction Cost is focused mainly on the management resources available for the activity and the cost incurred as alternative cost compared to other activities the management could engage in, especially regarding the nexus of Industry-Academy collaboration. SMEs faced with the ever increasing stress of intensive competition and limited by their resources in their abilities to deal with it effectively turn to collaboration as a solution. The discussion synthesizes two articles recently published as chapters in books (Porath, 2012a; Porath, 2012b) analyzing collaboration as an open innovation activity within the Resource Based Theory.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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