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Título1st Hands-on Science Science Fair
Autor(es)Esteves, Zita
Costa, Manuel F. M.
EditoraHands-on Science Network (HSCI)
Resumo(s)In school learning of science through investigative hands-on experiments is in the core of the Hands-on Science Network vision. However informal and non-formal contexts may also provide valuable paths for implementing this strategy aiming a better e!ective science education. In May 2011, a "rst country wide “Hands-on Science’ Science Fair” was organized in Portugal with the participation of 131 students that presented 38 projects in all "elds of Science. In this communication we will present the main goals behind this initiative. The strategy employed problems and di#culties faced, as well as the solutions found will be reported. The evaluation of all the process is of utmost importance and will be discussed here including with the presentation of the statistical analysis of the students and teachers replies to participation surveys. The science fair was considered a success by both teachers and students. A study was performed to understand the motivation behind students and teachers participation. Teachers were extremely pleased with their students’ enthusiasm during the development and presentation of the projects and also pointed out the bene"ts to the student’s school performance at the discipline directly related but also in general. The students also demonstrated their satisfaction because they learned new concepts and acquired skills that helped them on the academic level. Almost all of them are looking forward to participate in future science fairs.
Arbitragem científicayes
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