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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
Sep-2016Basic science of osteoarthritisCucchiarini, Magali; Girolamo, Laura de; Filardo, Giuseppe; Oliveira, J. M.; Orth, Patrick; Pape, Dietrich; Reboul, PaulArticleOpen access
Jun-2013Contributions and future perspectives on the use of magnetic nanoparticles as diagnostic and therapeutic tools in the field of regenerative medicineSanto, Vítor E.; Rodrigues, Márcia T.; Gomes, Manuela E.ArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
2016Stem cells in skin wound healing: are we there yet?Cerqueira, M. T.; Pirraco, Rogério P.; Marques, A. P.ArticleOpen access
2008Osteoinduction in human fat derived stem cells by recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 produced in Escherichia coliBessa, Paulo C.; Pedro, A. J.; Klosch, B.; Nobre, Alexandra; Griensven, Martijn van; Reis, R. L.; Casal, MargaridaArticleOpen access
2017Osteochondral tissue engineering and regenerative strategiesCanadas, Raphael Faustino; Marques, A. P.; Reis, R. L.; Oliveira, J. M.Book partRestricted access (UMinho)
2012Fetal stem cells obtained from amniotic fluid and wharton's jelly expanded using platelet lysate for tissue engineering applicationsPinto, A. R.; Aleixo, I.; Frias, A. M.; Fernandes, S.; Rocha, L.; Reis, R. L.; Neves, N. M.AbstractOpen access
May-2019Advances in bioinks and in vivo imaging of biomaterials for CNS applicationsOliveira, Maria Eduarda Moreira Pinheiro Santo; Malysz-Cymborska, Izabela; Golubczyk, Dominika; Kalkowski, Lukasz; Kwiatkowska, Joanna; Reis, R. L.; Oliveira, J. M.; Walczak, PiotrArticleOpen access
2018Coculture of Spheroids/2D Cell Layers Using a Miniaturized Patterned Platform as a Versatile Method to Produce Scaffold-Free Tissue Engineering Building BlocksOliveira, N. M.; Martins-Cruz, C.; Oliveira, M. B.; Reis, R. L.; Mano, J. F.ArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
Sep-2010Injectable gellan gum hydrogels with autologous cells for the treatment of rabbit articular cartilage defectsOliveira, João T.; Gardel, Leandro. S.; Rada, Tommaso; Martins, L.; Gomes, Manuela E.; Reis, R. L.ArticleOpen access
2009Novel method for the isolation of adipose stem cells (ASCs)Rada, Tommaso; Reis, R. L.; Gomes, Manuela E.ArticleOpen access