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TitleNumerical simulation of electrical problems in a vacuum disjuntor
Author(s)Clain, Stéphane
Rodrigues, José Alberto
Helmotz equations
Finite element methods
Domain decomposition methods
Issue dateMar-2015
PublisherAssociação Portuguesa de Mecânica Teórica, Aplicada e Computacional (APMTAC)
CitationSYMCOMP 2015 Faro, March 26-27, 2015 ECCOMAS, Portugal
Abstract(s)A vacuum circuit breaker is a device that allows the cutting of electrical power. This device consists essentially of two electrodes, one of them being mobile and is subject to a mechanical force produced by a spring, giving rise to the contact between the two electrodes. The current passing between two electrodes is determined by the extension of the contact zone. Moreover, the passage of current generated Laplace forces in areas bordering the contact, but not yet in contact. Due to the curved geometry of the electrodes, these Laplace forces are opposite and therefore cause the repulsion of the electrodes. This means that for a given power we have to evaluate the electric potential, the magnetic field corresponding to the contact zone.
TypeConference paper
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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