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TitleChitosan/bioactive glass nanoparticles scaffolds with shape memory properties
Author(s)Correia, Cristina
Leite, Álvaro J.
Mano, J. F.
KeywordsBioactive glass nanoparticles
Hydromechanical cyclic test
Shape memory
Issue date2015
JournalCarbohydrate Polymers
CitationCorreia C. O., Leite A. J., Mano J. F. Chitosan/bioactive glass nanoparticles scaffolds with shape memory properties, Carbohydrate Polymers, Vol. 123, pp. 39-45, doi:10.1016/j.carbpol.2014.12.076, 2015
Abstract(s)We propose a combination of chitosan (CHT) with bioactive glass nanoparticles (BG-NPs) in order to produce CHT/BG-NPs scaffolds that combine the shape memory properties of chitosan and the biomineralization ability of BG-NPs for applications in bone regeneration. The addition of BG-NPs prepared by a solâ gel route to the CHT polymeric matrix improved the bioactivity of the nanocomposite scaffold, as seen by the precipitation of bone-like apatite layer upon immersion in simulated body fluid (SBF). Shape memory tests were carried out while the samples were immersed in varying compositions of water/ethanol mixtures. Dehydration with ethanol enables to fix a temporary shape of a deformed scaffold that recovers the initial geometry upon water uptake. The scaffolds present good shape memory properties characterized by a recovery ratio of 87.5% for CHT and 89.9% for CHT/BG-NPs and a fixity ratio of 97.2% for CHT and 98.2% for CHT/BG-NPs (for 30% compressive deformation). The applicability of such structures was demonstrated by a good geometrical accommodation of a previously compressed scaffold in a bone defect. The results indicate that the developed CHT/BG-NPs nanocomposite scaffolds have potential for being applied in bone tissue engineering.
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